Isolation & Loneliness – A TED Talk

Here is my TED Talk, discussing the effects of isolation and loneliness. I hope you learn something! (Citations below)


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4 thoughts on “Isolation & Loneliness – A TED Talk

  1. Very interesting TED talk. It’s so interesting to see how humans deal with extreme cases like these and how it affects them mentally. There were quite a few good points and examples to help show and define what you were saying, and that really got the message through. In situations like isolation and loneliness, would you say that some people can handle and deal with these things better? For example, would introverts and extroverts have a different capacity for loneliness and isolation?

  2. This was a really interesting topic James, and I loved the different real-life cases you brought up to show us evidence. Do you think another reason isolation is so detrimental is because we learn a lot from people? Does being prohibited from observing so many different people’s behaviorism and way of thinking stop certain stages of development?

    Good job again! :)

  3. Fascinating Ted talk, very well put together. It contained an interesting view of humans when exposed to isolation. You mentioned how people began to hallucinate anything involving social interaction but how does this affect the patient. For example if someone began to talk to the imaginary friends that they created, would they be able to maintain more sanity than those who did not?

  4. Hey James! Great video! I really enjoyed your topic as it had never really crossed my mind before. I actually read up on a few experiments done on isolation because of this talk so thanks for sparking so many questions for me!

    I have a quick question/thought that I would love your opinion on! You mentioned that those involved in the “48 hour isolation” experiment had hallucinations. Do you think that this is just a symptom of severe isolation or could it also be involved with loneliness? What I mean is, is it possible for someone who feels excluded in school (lonely but still surrounded by people) for all of their life to develop hallucinations or other serious symptoms? Or is this something only involved with complete isolation? Thanks and Good job once again!
    (Ps. I’ve tried posting this comment a few times, so please let me know if this works asap! Thanks!)

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