Sorry, I Can’t Hear You

Here is the final product of my ZAP project, I chose to learn sign language to try something new and because I’ve always been interested in learning sign language. Not only is it something practical to know, but I’ve met deaf people and I really want to be able to empathize with them. It was really fun to learn too! Sign language is incredibly complex, each word has it’s own unique hand gesture, but some are very similar, one screw up and instead of saying “boy” you’re saying “sweaty”! Sign language users have to be very determined and persistent. I worked on it for a month and I can still barely remember how to say “and”. I wrote this piece based off the opinions of someone I met (Not deaf, but blind but I’m sure you can see the similarities there), and I agree with them. Enjoy the video!

2 thoughts on “Sorry, I Can’t Hear You

  1. That was excellent! I am in awe of your fantastic editing skills, as well as your ability to learn and perform a speech in a new language in ONE MONTH! Very well done!

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